StrongArm Consultants is a different type of consultancy, one where the ‘consultants’ have actually been in the trenches and know the battle media businesses face.

The business is led by Scott Armstrong, Chief Executive Editor of the Times of Oman. He started in the industry as a 16-old-year cub reporter in the United Kingdom. With 28 years of experience he loves print, excels in digital and is passionate about the future of media.

Take a look at our entire skillset here, or take a quick look at the digital numbers achieved in three years in charge of Times of Oman.

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Meet the team:

Editorial: Scott Armstrong

Creative and design: Adonis Durado

Digital video: Joe Morrison

Magazines and supplements: Felicia Campbell

Advertising: Richard Pakenham

Ad Agency insider: John Dugdale

Journalism and copywriting: Jennifer Bell