John Dugdale is our ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’, an advertising agency insider who can show media businesses how to take on negotiations and win.


A media career spanning nearly 30 years, he’s worked his way up through the newspaper industry and then on in the advertising game, working in the US as well as the UK.

As Head of Media Partnerships for Media Bounty in London John helped leading brands use new and innovative activities to give added value to their campaigns. These included production of videos, interactive promotions, UGC activity for app promotions and programmatic activity to help drive increased ROI.

A long-time advocate of the media industry, including print, John’s mission now is to help our industry cut-through the sales tactics of agencies and advertising clients to emerge with win-wins and long-term partnerships which payoff for all.

He passionately believes that the media and advertising agencies need to work together to survive and thrive in the evolving marketplace.

Yes, we think he’s pretty cool too.

Want to know more about John? Here’s his LinkedIn profile.

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