As editorial budgets tighten make sure yours goes further and delivers more growth and more audience by talking to us about our Virtual Newsroom Services (VNS).

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Ideal for small and medium-sized publications VNS is a solution designed to give you access to decades of editorial expertise without the extra expense of human resource costs.

We provide an ‘always on’ solution, our team won’t ask you for holidays or time-off, won’t require flights home, moving expenses or health insurance.

And you buy what you need.

Require an editor for your publication? Why recruit one with three to five years experience who is new to the region? We are here and are proven winners.

Need your pages designing? Our team are award winners.

Video? Online? Advertising revenue? Choose part or all of our services to complement your existing team, all tailored to your existing editorial budget.

And of course, all our digital transformation and online expertise come as standard.

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